Seth teaches at Columbia, NYU Stern, and internationally, including China. His new book is being translated into three languages.

15 Tools to Turn the Tide

A revolutionary new guide to negotiating in the face of stress and adversity, with a suite of customized, easy-to-use, field-tested devices—simple phrases, mnemonics, glance-and-go play sheets, and more. They actually make negotiation doable. Digestible, memorable, and actionable, these tools help you “win warmly”—doing well for yourself, even as you care for the other person too.

15 Tools
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“In ‘15 Tools to Turn the Tide,’ world-renowned conflict management and negotiation expert Seth Freeman provides the perfect blend of empirical insight in walking the experienced or novice negotiator through any complex negotiation.  Whether it’s negotiating a high-stakes negotiation in the corporate board room or just trying to convince your Dad to get a cat, Freeman’s tools will get you through any harrowing impasse. It can even help police hostage negotiators, who must negotiate intense, life and death, encounters. A must-read new book.” – Lt. Jack J. Cambria (ret.) NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team Commander (2001 – 2015)

“As a business leader, a teacher, a mother, and a regular human being just getting through our conflict-addled times, I find this book and the tools it offers refreshing, hopeful, and so user-friendly that I want to rush out and buy it for everyone I know. The tools themselves are so valuable they should be taught in every school, company, and to therapists, consultants, and leaders. But it’s the stories about real-life people dealing with fear, intimidation, and frustration at work, at home, in high-pressure situations or everyday conflicts, that gave me the feeling, ‘I can do this too!'” – ELIZABETH LESSER, co-founder Omega Institute, author of bestselling books including Broken Open and Cassandra Speaks.

A world-renowned expert on negotiation & conflict management, Seth Freeman gives you field-tested tools that can help you win warmly against tough odds. They’re easy-to-learn, actionable, custom-designed, easy to use ways to ease your cognitive burden and perform when it seems doubtful.

Negotiation is hard. It’s especially tough when you feel like the underdog—whether you face a ‘Godzilla’ counterpart, face threats of budget cuts during a downturn, or know that you need a deal more than the other side does.

Seth Freeman can help. Freeman is an award-winning professor who has taught negotiation to thousands of leaders and students. His clients range from Fortune 500 executives to kindergarteners, from top corporate lawyers to grad students just beginning their careers, from UN diplomats negotiating global problems to small business owners negotiating terms with suppliers. In 15 Tools to Turn the Tide, he shares field-tested techniques that can turn anyone into a much better negotiator.

Unlike other negotiation books, 15 Tools doesn’t just give key principles.  It also gives you a suite of customized, step-by-step devices—simple phrases, mnemonics, glance-and-go play sheets, and more—that you can learn, remember, and deploy well whenever you need them. Freeman guides you every step of the way, from preparation to the encounter itself, to the decision whether or not to accept the offer. Digestible, memorable, and groundbreaking, these tools are also designed to help you “win warmly”—doing well for yourself, even as you care for the other person too.

One tool, for example, gives you a handy 1-page ‘play card’ that guides you throughout the talks, eases your cognitive burden, and helps you discover hidden, satisfying deals others miss. It’s just one of the many innovative and much-loved instruments Freeman’s created that can dramatically improve your chances.

Whether you’re closing a multi-million dollar deal in a recession, negotiating a job offer, or just working out holiday dinner plans with your in-laws, 15 Tools to Turn the Tide gives you a roadmap to your goals—a relentlessly practical guide you’ll actually use again and again.

Seth Freeman