Several publications offer on-line articles that gives ideas about how to negotiate for a better rate on your hotel room. ^^“But isn’t it better to just use the Internet to get a good hotel deal?” Consider a June 2004 report by CNN: “ If you usually book your hotel room online in hopes of saving some cash, a new Consumer Reports study suggests you pick up the phone instead. After getting hotel prices on-line, Consumer Reports researchers were able to get better prices, three times out of four, by calling on the telephone and haggling.” Also, the exercise develops skills you can use in your work and your personal life generally.” If you subscribe to Consumer Reports, you can find a variety of ideas at

You can find a free article from Consumer Reports listing other useful ways to save on hotel rates at

Other useful articles:

The New York Times offers a free on-line article entitled, PRACTICAL TRAVELER: Negotiating A Hotel Room which focuses on ways to get extra amenities. You can find it at

Fodor’s On-Line offers several money-saving suggestions including negotiating tips. In 7 Ways to Save on Your Next Hotel Room, Fodor’s lists a number of wise ideas including haggling tips and weekend room discount arrangements. You can find it at

In a related article you can find also find in the Articles section of the Betternegotiating website, I suggest ways to practice your negotiating skills by doing practice negotiations with hotels in Atlanta. To learn more, read, “How Can I Safely Practice My Negotiating Skills in Real Life?” Build Your Skills With The Hotel Booking Exercise.”