Prof. Seth Freeman has designed and delivered trainings and speeches ranging from 45 minute keynotes to several days long events. He is known for his flexibility and ability to customize his programs to the precise needs of his audiences.

Seth Freeman, a Professor at Columbia Business School, Columbia School of International & Public Affairs and NYU Stern School of Business, is a globally recognized expert on negotiation & conflict management. His is an award-winning instructor, a sought-after trainer, and a consultant to senior leadership teams. His best-selling The Art of Negotiating the Best Deal has been valued for thousands of leaders around the world. He has also served as a visiting professor at leading universities in China, as well as France, other countries, and the World Economic Forum. He has been quoted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Fortune and other leading media, and his articles have appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, and other top publications.

“Absolutely phenomenal seminar….I have already noticed an improvement in my rate negotiations with new [talent].”
Training Participant

“Prof. Freeman is a very dynamic, engaging speaker so his session provided a lot of helpful information and advice.”
United Nations diplomat

“Put simply, Seth is world class teacher of negotiation and conflict management, and it is my pleasure to recommend him to you very strongly.”
Prof. Dr. J. David Slocum, Faculty Director of EMBA Programs, Berlin School of Creative Leadership

“Thank you very much for your extremely insightful presentation…—I cannot even tell you how much it has changed my perspective on business as well as relationships! I thought about the points that [he] made and wisdom [he] imparted nearly all night….”
Training Participant

Here is a menu of some of the popular topics Prof. Freeman covers on negotiation and conflict management.

Each can serve as a stand-alone speech or talk, or the core of a training session with exercises, demonstrations, simulations or other features. Most can be combined in different orders to create a course, a series or mini-series.

Negotiating with Godzilla

How To Negotiate Well When You Feel Powerless.

Hostage Takers, Noisy Neighbors, and In-Laws

Can You Negotiate With ‘Irrational’ People?

How to Save the Day

Creating Hope and Satisfaction in Negotiations With Interest-Based Bargaining.

The 69-Minute Full-Semester Negotiation Course

Creative & Competitive Bargaining in a Nutshell.

Can You Lead When You Don’t Have Authority?

How Negotiating Skills Can Help You Influence and Guide Others, Even When You’re the Most Powerless Person in the Room.

Are Women Worse Negotiators Than Men?

A Provocative Look at the Traps, Myths, and Challenges Women Face at the Bargaining Table, and Where Hope Lies.

The Negotiator’s Second Most Important Task

A Practical Look at a Key Skill that Can Increase the Value of Your Negotiations by 15%.

Negotiation as a Team Sport

How To Negotiate with Departments, Corporations, Families, and the Kremlin.

The Dumbest Agreements Ever, and How Not to Enter Them

HSpotting the Difference between Wise Yes and Wise No, and Discovering When to Walk Away.

How To Conspire: Can You Agree When Trust is In Question?

Can you agree with someone if trust is lacking? Should you?

From Cats to Consensus

How To Negotiate Wisely With Many People.

“NO”: How To Say It, And How To Get Passed It

You can’t say ‘yes’ to the important things if you can’t say’ no’ to other things.

I Hate To Confront. Is There Any Way to Do It Well?

Everyone hates to confront, but sometimes it’s a professional necessity.

More Negotiation Training for Less

Using Prof. Freeman’s Great Courses™ Video Course for Group Training. My Great Courses™ video course..

And Not a Penny More?

How To Handle The Competitive Side of Negotiation. How do you negotiate competitively?

Special Training Sessions for Lawyers

Top lawyers at AmLaw 50 firms and top law students at top 10 law schools have enjoyed a variety of negotiation sessions including..

Joint Program for Lawyers and Clients

A joint negotiation training for a law firm and its clients or prospective clients lets the two groups learn..


Training can cover a wide range of topics and allows participants to learn what they need when they need it. Active, interactive, simulation-based, and filled with compelling experiences and insights, each training is designed to fit experienced adults’ learning needs. Prof. Freeman’s focus is on equipping participants with skills that can immediately and lastingly help them handle negotiations more wisely, warmly, and satisfyingly.

Two keys to making a training lastingly effective are (1) discovering the participants’ needs early on and (2) a planned follow up; Prof. Freeman can work closely with a client to do both well.



HALF-DAY SESSIONS – perfect for helping a team quickly shift toward a more effective approach, lets participants learn one or two key ideas and tools and practice them in memorable ways.

FULL-DAY SESSIONS –   gives participants a suite of powerful, game-changing tools and principles for creating and claiming wealth. One public company saved $100 million in costs applying a full day training to its key supply relationships.

MULTI-DAY SESSIONS – magnifies the power of training by giving participants richer, deeper experiences and a fuller array of powerful tools and principles similar to what top MBAs and other professionals get in a full semester negotiation course, tailored to the teams needs.

KEYNOTES AND TWO-HOUR SESSIONS –  choose from a rich array of popular topics to create a compelling keynote or a powerful experience that lets participants quickly learn a key breakthrough idea.

CUSTOMIZED EXERCISES –  Many clients also ask Prof. Freeman to design and guide them through brief, fact-specific customized negotiation exercises that let them apply key negotiation principles to their particular situation, whether it’s leading a team without formal authority, re-signing a key client, or negotiating better terms with a key supplier.


Prof. Freeman customizes each topic to be unique to your company and industry.

Here are some of the popular topics Prof. Freeman’s talks address.

  • Creative and Competitive Negotiation
  • Corporate Diplomacy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Financial Transaction
  • Lawyer-Executive Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Joint Venturing
  • Management by Negotiation
  • Organizational Conflict and Consensus
  • Persuasion
  • Peacebuilding
  • Sales
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Team Collaboration

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Prof. Freeman consults with and trains some of the world’s leading organizations, running trainings, facilitated retreats, and one-on-one consults to help organizations gain a fresh perspective on their issues. He is highly valued for his ability to challenge executives’ assumptions, reveal hidden opportunities, and provoke fresh thinking.  LET’S TALK

For more information on how to schedule a workshop, retreat or webinar for your business or organization, please contact Prof. Freeman.