How To Negotiate Wisely With Many People. How do you reach wise agreement with several colleagues in ways that foster strong buy-in and that produce satisfying outcomes for you and them? In this surprising and powerful session, we look at ways you can combine basic and advanced negotiating skills to build wise consensus and do it in ways that serve your needs very well. We see how presidents, generals, and mediators use seemingly ‘soft’ skills to do what they cannot do by simply giving orders. We also do a full multi-party negotiation simulation and see how a skilled facilitator uses process leadership to help groups reach a wise yes. Time permitting, we also help participants acquire a simple, powerful tool- the Topics, Targets & Tradeoffs Grid- that can help them plan for and manage simple and complex negotiations more effectively. This talk helps participants who have to work harmoniously with others whom they have little or no authority over and, in the process, unlock the power and wisdom of the team.