Two Ways to Use the Great Courses™ Negotiation Video for Corporate Training

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  1. As a Stand-Alone Course for Individual Participants. Each participant can watch or hear selected sessions at his/her convenience. Participants can take simple quizzes about specific sessions- quizzes Prof. Freeman can provide. By tracking participants’ quiz responses, supervisors and Prof. Freeman can monitor participation.  Simple reminder messages to participants can further support participants’ efforts. Recent experience suggests this approach produces groups with high completion rates and excellent collective learning that sticks and fosters impressive improvements in on-the-job performance.
  1. As Blended Learning. Combining the benefits of in-person training and online learning, a Blended Learning program includes
  • one or more live, interactive, in-person sessions with Prof. Freeman
  • copies of the Great Courses video for each participant to view privately
  • online follow-up quizzes
  • simple monitoring tools for supervisors to track quiz response rates and quality
  • group discussions to assure participation
  • simple reminder messages
  • follow-up coaching by Prof. Freeman where participants write or call with questions
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